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Updated: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus added to mobile studio scene comparison

When the most popular camera in the world gets a major update, it’s a newsworthy event all around. We’ve put the 12MP iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras in front of our studio test scene to see what they (and their new Raw capture abilities) can do.

The iPhone 7 Plus includes both wide-angle and telephoto lenses. However, because the telephoto lens is 1.3EV slower, the phone will sometimes use a digitally zoomed shot from its brighter wide-angle lens in low light when in ‘telephoto’ mode.

For this reason we’ve focused on getting the Raw images for the iPhone 7 Plus, to ensure we’re seeing the results from telephoto lens/sensor. It’s reasonable to assume that the wide-angle JPEGs will look the same as those from the iPhone 7.

Please also note that the 7 Plus has also used a much faster shutter speed for its low light telephoto shot, presumably to avoid camera shake on the unstabilized telephoto lens/camera.

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