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The filmmakers who took a stroll on Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic are facing jail time

Three of the four Canadian filmmakers who were caught roaming onto Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic hot spring have pled not guilty to charges of foot travel in a thermal area and disorderly conduct. Hamish McNab Campbell Cross was the only member of the group representing clothing brand High on Life to plead guilty to his charges. He’ll pay a fine of $8000 and accepts a five year unsupervised probation.

The remaining three have received court-appointed lawyers and may face a bench trial if they do not accept plea deals. The Jackson Hole News and Guide reports that the group’s previous attorney, who removed himself from the case due to a conflict of interest, mentioned that the US Attorney is considering jail time.

The Grand Prismatic incident is just one of quite a few recent cases park vandalism. Stiffer penalties for offenders may help reduce incidences of vandalism, but is an $8000 fine enough? Do the filmmakers pleading not guilty deserve jail time? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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