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‘The Darkroom’ bar for photographers to offer a photo studio, functional darkroom… and booze

'The Darkroom' bar for photographers to offer a photo studio, functional darkroom... and booze 1
via Google Street View

A new bar called ‘The Darkroom’ is planned for construction on Florida Ave. in Washington D.C., according to a local news report, and it’ll cater specifically to photographers. The bar’s nature was revealed in a liquor license application submitted to the Alcoholic Beverage Administration in D.C.

According to the application, ‘The Darkroom’ will include a functional darkroom, photo studio, bar, and art gallery. The application also indicates the bar would be used to host classes, lectures, screenings and art shows. Those classes would be ‘designed to preserve the history and explore the future of the medium.’ The individual who filed the application, however, hasn’t issued any comments on the plan.

Via: PetaPixel

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