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Pre-Visualization: Ansel’s views on what made his images so special

Marc Silber from Advancing Your Photography continues his interview series with Ansel Adam’s son Michael in this video. Marc visits Ansel’s home and discusses the concept of pre-visualization in photography and Ansel’s writing, workshops and techniques with Michael. 

In the interview, Michael also details what made Ansel’s work so special – my favorite quote from the video comes from Michael as he paraphrases Ansel’s thoughts on his work. Ansel would always say ‘It’s not what you see, it’s what I want you to see.’ That mindset is really what made Ansel’s photos so dramatic and memorable. He processed them in a way that fulfilled his vision and conveyed the story that he wanted to tell.

This interview also offers an inside look at a few of Ansel’s favorite cameras, and even some of his color work that he completed through a partnership with Kodak. It really is a fascinating look back at some Ansel’s most profound thoughts, teachings and photographs.

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