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Microsoft Pix aims to capture better people pictures

Microsoft Pix aims to capture better people pictures 1

Microsoft has released a new camera app that puts its focus on taking better pictures of people. The Pix app is now available for iPhone and iPad, and Microsoft says an Android version is in the works. When active the app is constantly recording and saves 10 frames before and after its shutter button is pressed. A series of algorithms then analyzes the recorded images, evaluating technical quality characteristics, such as sharpness or exposure, but also looking at facial expressions of human subjects.

Based on those characteristics among others, the app then selects three best shots and presents them to the user. The filtered shots are discarded to save space, but not before the image information contained in them is used to enhance the selected shots. For example, the app can brighten app images that have been captured in very dark conditions. 

Microsoft Pix aims to capture better people pictures 2

Additionally, Pix converts a bunch of similar images into a moving Live Image, but only if it thinks the motion in the scene is interesting. The app also integrates Microsoft’s Hyperlapse feature. In addition to recording stabilized time-lapses, in its latest incarnation it also allows you to turn existing images into time-lapses or simply stabilize previously recorded video footage. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Pix is that we can expect the app to get better with time. Anonymized settings data and information on what pictures users delete or favorite is sent back to Microsoft where developers look at the data and fine-tune the app’s algorithms accordingly. Microsoft Pix for iOS can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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