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Metz mecablitz M400 compact wireless flash unit now available

Metz mecablitz M400 compact wireless flash unit now available 1

German flash manufacturer Metz has launched a new compact sized flash unit that offers wireless TTL control and coverage to match 24-105mm lenses. First announced at Photokina, the Metz mecablitz M400 has a guide number of 40m/131ft at ISO 100 at the 105mm zoom setting, along with a tilt and swivel head for bouncing the light. The gun is compatible with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Micro Four Thirds, Pentax and Sony multi-interface cameras and offers TTL metering with each. All but the Fujifilm model will support wireless TTL flash as well, with the M400 being used either as a slave or commander in a group. A USB socket is provided for future firmware updates.

Metz mecablitz M400 compact wireless flash unit now available 2

High speed sync mode is available, as is the choice of first and second curtain triggering, and 25 steps of manual control. The unit also has a 100 Lux/1m video light built-in that provides six stages of illumination.

The Metz mecablitz M400 is available now and costs $280/£122. For more information visit the Metz website.

Press Release

M400 launched by Metz

Compact and powerful flashgun

Metz has launched the mecablitz M400, a compact system flash suited to mirrorless system cameras and is ideal for any photographer or film-maker looking for a convenient, compact flash unit. It is available in Canon, Nikon, Micro FourThirds, Pentax, Sony and Fuji fittings.

Powered by four AAA sized NiMH, alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries, the Metz mecablitz M400 has a zoom-swivel head covering a FOV range matching that of a full-frame 24-105mm lens, with a guide number of 40 (in metres at ISO 100/21°) at the 105mm position. Depending on your camera, the mecablitz M400 with master and slave mode also offers wireless TTL flash functionality. The M400 comes with an adjustable LED video/modelling light, bounce card and integrated wide-angle diffuser. Other highlights include high-speed flash synchronisation, second-curtain sync and red-eye reduction plus it can always be kept up-to-date via the USB interface for receiving firmware updates.

Features / Tech Spec:
High max. guide number 40m (131feet) for ISO100 and 105mm
Vertical (+90°) and horizontal (360°) bounce/swivel head
Clear OLED display
Integrated high-performance LED video light (100 Lux @ 1m)
Motorised zoom for 24–105mm illumination
Integrated wide-angle diffuser (12mm) & flip-out reflector card
Flash readiness indicator, correct exposure display on unit and on camera (camera dependent)
Flash range shown in OLED display
Automatic unit shut-off
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 65 x 92 x 87mm
Fittings available: Canon / Nikon / Fuji / Sony / Pentax / Olympus – Panasonic

Prices & Availability
Metz M400 Flashgun – all fittings. £121.99 inc VAT
Available immediately

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