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High-profile camera expert leaves Microsoft, returns to Nokia

High-profile camera expert leaves Microsoft, returns to Nokia 1

As the former Head of Imaging at Nokia, Juha Alakarhu was a key figure in the development of the Finnish company’s PureView cameras. The innovative technology was implemented in models such as the Nokia 808 or Lumia 1020, which by many mobile photographers are still viewed as the best smartphone cameras ever made. Unfortunately, slightly slower than usual camera processing speeds and the high cost of the technology meant the devices never really caught on in the mass-market.

When Nokia’s device division was sold to Microsoft, Alakarhu and his team moved as well, but now it looks as if Microsoft is pretty much abandoning its entire smartphone business, making redundant a large proportion of the employees that were hired as part of the Nokia acquisition. Camera expert Alakarhu is among a number of high-profile engineers who have already found a new role, though, and it’s with his former employer. He is returning to Nokia as the head of the Ozo VR camera.

If you’d like to refresh your knowledge on Nokia’s PureView technology you can read our interview with Juha that was conducted on the occasion of the Nokia 808 launch in 2012.

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