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Happy Holidays from DPReview

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 1

As we celebrate our eighteenth anniversary (the site officially launched December 25th, 1998, when some of our staff were still in elementary school) I’d like to wish each and every one of our visitors a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings/Happy Hanukkah/Merry Festivus* (*delete as required).

As you can might be able to spot from the picture above, I wasn’t personally able to attend the ‘put on a festive hat and pose for a portrait’ session due to the fact that some of us have actual work to do (or to put it more accurately, some of us had already left for two weeks of eating, drinking and being merry). And besides, there were no hats left. And I really, really hate being on the other side of the camera.

And, whilst I may not be sure exactly which of the various bearded guys in the picture above is which, I can tell you that I’m incredibly proud of the work the entire team has done this year, and excited to see what they achieve in 2017. I wrote my first camera review 20 years ago (when working on the launch issue of the world’s first dedicated digital camera magazine), yet I still learn something almost every day by working with these talented, dedicated (and, yes, often bearded) people. It is their ideas (which, naturally, I steal and present as my own) and their boundless enthusiasm that keep our audience growing year on year, in the face of the continuing decline in camera sales (and the competition from viral cat videos and an unpresidented amount of twittering from high profile US political leaders.)

2016 might have been a year many of us will be glad to see the back of, but I’m genuinely excited about what we have planned for 2017 here on DPR. You’re going to see some significant changes to our homepage, with much more photographic content and faster reviews. We’ve got big plans for the mobile site, and we have some cool new features that we think you’re really going to enjoy. Actually, let’s be honest, what I should say is that we have some cool new features that we hope you don’t hate…

I can hear the mulled wine and mince pies calling, so I’ll just add my thanks to you, our loyal audience, because (as I say every year), there would be no DPReview without you. You keep us honest, you challenge us, and you often surprise and inspire us. We’re thankful that we’ve been able to continue bringing you reviews, videos, how-to’s, news coverage and much more – it’s a privilege and we’re always striving to do the best we can for our readers. We’re grateful for your contributions to our galleries, photo challenges, forums and spirited discussions, and hope that you’ve taken some photos you’re proud of this year.

Have a fantastic holiday, and raise a glass with me to a pleasant, prosperous and peaceful 2017. 

Merry Christmas!

— Simon

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 2

 “We spend our entire year shooting cameras, dissecting features, and arguing about pixels. It’s kind of the way things are at DPReview…

…But when you receive a picture of your newborn niece two days before Christmas, it reminds you of what’s really important, and why photography really does matter.

Happy holidays. I can’t wait to see what you all shoot in 2017!”

Dale Baskin, New Content Editor

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 3

“2016 introduced a lot of exciting and innovative things in photography. New gear, glass, techniques, technology, accessories, talent…

…so <ahem> why are you still sitting there? Go take some pictures!”

Wenmei Hill, Editorial Manager

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 4

Abstractly, 2016 was much like any other year. I’ve had failures, which I’ve tried to learn from. I’ve had successes, which I’ve tried to learn from. The biggest challenge for me is to avoid becoming bogged down by the former, and too comfortable with the latter. In this sense, then, I honestly hope that 2017 will provide opportunities for more of each.

Also, if it could provide me an opportunity to win the lottery so I can finally purchase a D5 and a 105mm F1.4 of my very own, that’d be great too.”

Carey Rose, some guy we found who likes taking photographs and writing about things

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 5

“Photographically this was one of the most challenging and rewarding years I’ve had in a long time. I got to photograph lava on my honeymoon, shoot the canyon lands of Utah and enjoy wildflower season at home in the PNW; it doesn’t get much better than that! I’m looking forward to see what 2017 has to offer, but it will definitely be hard to top 2016! Happy holidays everyone!” 

Chris Williams, Landscape Guru and Lens Reviewer

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 6

“Other than finally coming to terms with Windows after 12 years with Mac, I spent much of 2016 researching LED, CRI, reverse phase dimming, and redundancy in smart device operation… all to get the various technologies in my home and digital life working together in time for the birth of my first child. And you know what? A hands-free smart home makes me want a hands-free smart camera.

All in good time. In the meantime, I’ve got a diaper to change and a once-in-a-lifetime smile to capture with my [insert brand that paid me off last here] camera. Happy Holidays!”

Rishi Sanyal, Technical Editor

Sent from my smart lightbulb

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 7

“Is 2016 over yet?”

Barnaby Britton, Features Editor

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 8

“2016 for me included some great cameras and an increasingly ill-advised beard. It should probably also be the year I give up on watching elections.

Still, if you’re wondering why I’m the only member of the team wearing a suit, it’s because I wanted to wish everyone a very moiré Christmas.

And to apologise for that pun.”

Richard Butler, Reviews Editor

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 9

“I think I actually shot more photos in 2016 than any other year of my life, despite the world seemingly crashing down all around us. There was also some fiiiine glass released this year, which I think was even more exciting than the big camera launches.” 

Dan Bracaglia, Camera Reviewer

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 10

“I told a friend earlier this year it would be difficult to buy the wrong camera after Photokina 2016, but then the Yi M1 came out…”

Sam Spencer, Studio Manager

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 11

“In the immortal words of Groucho Marx, ‘Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.'”

Allison Johnson, Homepage Editor

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 12

“As the person responsible for all of the ads on the site, I’m sorry.

Looking ahead to 2017, I’m reminded of some choice words from Prince, may he RIP:

‘Everyone has a rock bottom’

‘I have a lot of parties’ “

Scott Everett, Senior Product Manager

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 13

“We managed to go the entire year without any software-related injuries! I consider that a success.”

Josh Hays, Software Developer

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from DPReview 14

“We will remember the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes and how that impacted so many camera brands and product releases.  

We may forget how the year’s promise of Virtual Reality (VR) everywhere for everyone didn’t quite end up that way.  (maybe next year)

We will remember Pokemon Go by Niantic becoming the hottest craze and the most successful Augmented Reality (AR) game ever.

I will remember how Nintendo made way too few NES Classics. (empty handed)” 

Eugene Hsu, Geek, Product Manager Business Development

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