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Google Pixel 3 camera defect causes loud clicking, OIS issue while shooting

A number of Google’s $499 Pixel 3 smartphone units are experiencing an issue that causes the camera to ‘shake’ while recording video even when the device is placed on a stable surface. A large number Pixel 3 owners have published complaints about this problem on Reddit, Twitter, the Google Support forums, and other online destinations.

The issue appears to primarily impact the Pixel 3 model, though there are some reports of it related to the larger Pixel 3 XL. Sample videos from users show the camera’s focus constantly adjusting itself or, in other examples, producing a prominent wobble effect similar to what one would get by shaking the phone.

Though Google hasn’t provided an official statement about the matter at this time, a loud clicking sound produced from the camera while recording indicates the problem may stem from the Pixel 3’s optical image stabilization system. Pixel 3 owner ‘anaymakan’ shared a video demonstrating this problem on the Pixel 3 subreddit in late May.

Because this appears to be a hardware defect, Pixel 3 owners have been unsuccessful in finding a workaround solution. Owners of the faulty devices report having it solved by getting a replacement phone that doesn’t suffer from the same problem.

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