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Fighting the elements: Landscape photography in Antarctica

When most photographers want a new accessory or piece of gear to help them get a shot, they can usually pick it up at a local store or online. But when you’re a photographer living in Antarctica, you have to be a little more resourceful.

Josh Swanson has spent 16 seasons working in Antarctica and photographing its landscapes. Starting with a disposable film camera and now shooting with a Nikon DSLR, Swanson has learned the ins and outs of shooting panoramas in one of the most unforgiving environments on earth.

For example, when he began running into issues with elements in his panoramas not aligning correctly, he discovered that a specialized bracket would help sort things out. He tells Resource Travel, ‘…being on the ice I was not able to get one (planes don’t regularly arrive during the winter which means no mail service). I ended up just building one. It worked for the season, although I later replaced it with a manufactured one for that had degree increments etc. for faster more accurate pans.’

As you’d expect, he’s also had trouble with LCDs freezing and battery life plummeting in the cold weather. He tells Kira Morris, a fellow photographer and former Antarctic resident, all about it over at Resource Travel

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