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Camera components represent 9.5% of total iPhone 7 material cost

Camera components represent 9.5% of total iPhone 7 material cost 1
 Image: Chipworks-TechInsight

Analyst firm Chipworks-TechInsight has published its iPhone 7 reverse engineering report, which includes some interesting cost and technology information for more engineering-minded photographers. The analysts estimate the total bill of materials for the iPhone 7 with 128GB of built-in memory to be $275. $26, or approximately 9.5%, of that total sum are spent on camera and imaging components. This includes the Sony-made Exmor RS image sensors and lenses in front and rear cameras and all processing hardware.

The most expensive component in the device, that retails in the US for $749, is Apple’s A10 Fusion CPU at $40.  The display and touchscreen add $37 to the cost. Given how advanced smartphone camera technology has become, it is surprising that it only represents a relatively small percentage of the total cost of a device (though Apple is famous for its high margins.)

We’d expect the dual-cam in the iPhone 7 Plus to be quite a bit more expensive than the single-lens version in the standard iPhone 7. However, Chipworks has to publish its report on the larger iPhone model. For now, you can download the iPhone 7 report on Chipworks website if you’re happy to provide your contact information and email.

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