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Artisto is like the Prisma app, but for videos

Artisto is like the Prisma app, but for videos 1

Prisma, a machine-learning powered photo app that applies art filters to your images, has been one of the most popular apps in recent weeks, both on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Its makers have said they are working hard on a version for video, but they may not have not been quick enough. The brand new Artisto app is pretty much a Prisma for video. You can shoot a new video clip or choose one from the gallery, then select a 10 second portion and apply one of the filter options in the style of van Gogh, Picasso or other famous artists to it. 

According to the publication Russia Behind the Headlines the app was developed by the Russian company and published under its American brand which is mainly known for its gaming apps. VP Anna Artamonova has posted a sample video, which you can see below, on her Facebook page and the results look interesting. According to Engadget the app is not yet working 100% reliably but produces good looking results. If you want to try yourself you can download Artisto for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play now.


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