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B+W releases 3-slot filter holder for 100mm filter system

by on Nov.17, 2017, under Reviews

German filter manufacturer B+W has announced a new filter holder to go with the 2mm thick 100mm square filters it launched this year.

The new holder is made from aluminum and offers three slots so users can use multiple filters at the same time. The holder has a light seal on the rear to prevent leaks during long exposures, and the system has adapter rings for lenses with threads of 52mm to 82mm.

You can pick up the new filter holder now for £95 (~$125 USD), while the adapter rings cost £25 (~$33 USD) each. For more information visit the website of distributer Manfrotto.

Press Release

B+W Filters Announces New Filter Holder

Perfect Addition to B+W’s Square Filter Range

B+W filters, one of the world’s leading filter manufacturers, has announced the launch of the new Filter Holder.

Excellent Quality with Increased Stability

Launched to complement the range of the square filters that were released earlier this year, the new filter holder fits 100 x 100 x 2mm filters. It features an aluminium frame which means increased stability and has the capacity to hold up to 3 square filters. The light seal avoids incidence, and adapter rings for Ø52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82mm are also available.

Full Filter System

The release of the Filter Holder means that B+W offer a full filter system. Along with the Filter Holder, the Square Filters guarantee excellent image quality due to the finely ground, polished special glass that is used as the base. The 3 layer combination coating optimises the filter to deliver results, and the combination coating (MRC Nano) prevents troublesome reflections by including a multilayer anti-reflection component with seven layers on each side of the filters.

Stable and Resistant

Both the Filters and Filter Holder from B+W ensure stability when taking photos – the aluminium frame of the Filter Holder makes it stable when in use, and the ND filter series are dimensionally stable thanks to the glass substrate which means they cannot warp or distort.

The new B+W Filter Holder is priced at £94.95, with the rings being £24.95 each.

For more information on the full range including the filters please see

About B+W

B+W Filters have been made in Germany since 1947 with a passion for optics, precision, quality and longevity. Produced in Bad Kreuznach under the umbrella of Schneider-Kreuznach, B+W has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the world’s leading filter manufacturers.

Today, in the manufacturing plant in Bad Kreuznach, state of the art production equipment, precise CNC machines and highly advanced reflection reducing technology guarantee top quality products. Comprehensive know-how and start of the art production technology have made a name for B+W filters throughout the world, and the company is widely known for guaranteeing perfect image quality.

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Instagram testing feature the lets you follow hashtags

by on Nov.16, 2017, under Reviews

Instagram is making it easier for users to follow subjects they care about by introducing support for following hashtags. In its present form, Instagram only supports following accounts, but a new test some users have spotted extends this ability to individual hashtags, presenting the tagged content in the follower’s feed.

The feature was first brought to light on Twitter, where social media consultant Pippa Akram posted this screenshot:

In its current iteration, Instagram allows users to tag content with hashtags, such as #city or #landscape, and other users can search for content with those tags and see it in the search results. Adding the ability to follow hashtags directly would allow users to revisit their favorite hashtags again and again without having to search for them every time. A pretty useful feature, especially if you regularly visit Instagram for photography inspiration and ideas in your particular genre.

Unfortunately, for now, Instagram has kept quiet about this new feature, but if and when it rolls out to all users, we’ll let you know.

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DxOMark republishes Pentax 645Z results and it's as good as we always suspected

by on Nov.15, 2017, under Reviews

In a move likely to completely silence all whispers of chicanery, DxOMark has finally published its results for Ricoh’s Pentax 645Z. The camera just misses out on being hailed as the best stills camera sensor ever (as it would have been, when data was first published for the camera back in 2015), but it still scores a very impressive 101 points.

And, as we know, points mean… Er…

Several years after its release, the 645Z still holds its own in the company of some excellent cameras built around similar sensors.

The results themselves are very similar to those of the Hasselblad X1D 50c, which itself is based around a very similar Sony CMOS sensor (albeit for at least $3000 more). How much of the difference can be ascribed to better readout circuitry, how much to the Hasselblad’s use of 15-bit Raw files (I mean, that extra 0.1EV of DR has to live somewhere), and how much is simply within the tests’ margin of error it’s impossible to know.

Still, we can now be certain that, while not quite the best sensor in the world, is 99% as good as the best sensor DxO has tested.

In all seriousness, though, whatever the reason for the delay, it’s a seriously impressive performance from a very aggressively-priced camera. And, since we have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it is to get a 645Z for long enough to do extensive testing on, we think it’s great to see its performance recognized.

Click here to read DxOMark’s assessment

Press Release:

Pentax 645Z: A great choice for medium-format shooters

PARIS – November 14, 2017 – DxOMark has just published the results of its in-depth analysis of the Pentax 645Z medium-format camera. With an overall DxOMark sensor score of 101 points, the Pentax 645Z has the second-highest-scoring sensor we’ve ever tested, beaten only by the 51.4Mp Sony sensor in the Hasselblad X1D-50c. The 645Z achieves extremely good sub-scores, indicating that it can capture a huge range of colors and tones in a single file.

It’s clear from our testing that the Pentax 645Z’s sensor is extremely capable, coming within a whisper of matching the performance of the Hasselblad X1D sensor. Its high dynamic range and color sensitivity make the 645Z ideally suited for capturing the types of scenes that are traditionally favored by medium-format photographers — landscapes, weddings, portraits, and other photographic genres that require capturing images with lots of detail, low noise, and smooth tonal gradations.

In addition, the Pentax 645Z controls noise well, making it suitable for use in relatively low light, and perhaps expanding the range of conditions in which medium-format cameras are traditionally used.

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